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We're big sports fans and love to watch our favorite teams play. But it can be tough to know when your favorite team is on TV and where to watch it. It's why we created Find&Remind Sports.

Every day, Find&Remind Sports presents the top local and national professional and college games on TV. Find&Remind Sports tells you when games are on and on which channels. You can then set reminders and Find&Remind Sports will send you a text message or email 15 minutes before game time. You can even set a season pass and Find&Remind Sports will send you a reminder each time your favorite team is playing on TV.

Visit your local newspapers' sports section online to take advantage of Find&Remind Sports. If you don't see it there, call your paper and ask them to add it to their website. They will thank you for the suggestion, and you'll appreciate knowing when your favorite team has a game on TV.